5-Day Hwange National Park Fly Camping Safari

Hwange National Park is Zimbabwe's biggest game reserve. Its grasslands and mopane woods are home to large elephant herds, lions and African wild dogs. It's very simple. If you really want to connect with the African bush, just put yourself right out there. This tour brings you closest to the wildlife as possible in their natural habitat.



Day 1


You will be picked from your hotel in Victoria Falls at 730am and embark on a 2hr drive to Victoria Falls to Mbala Gate(Hwange National Park) in an airconditioned minivan. On arrival in Hwange, you will enter Hwange National Park, home to one of the highest remaining concentrations of free roaming elephants in Africa and Zimbabwe’s largest National Park. Enjoy a 2 hour game drive to Hwange Bush Camp and on arrival you are welcomed with a refreshing drink before being shown to your ensuite tent. Once you have settled in, return to the main area and enjoy a delicious evening meal whilst discussing the exciting possibilities for the next couple of days with your guide.

Day 2

Fly Camping

After a light breakfast and cup of tea or coffee, luggage is loaded onto your game drive vehicle and you will then depart for a morning of game driving and bush walking in the *Sinamatella / Robins area of the National Park. We will stop to enjoy a picnic lunch under the shade of trees or at a water hole; often there are animals drinking at this time which provide fantastic entertainment whilst you relax and enjoy your surroundings. In the afternoon guests can opt to enjoy another short bush walk with their guide, or they can relax and continue to enjoy game viewing opportunities at the waterhole. At dusk we will make our way to a rustic fly camp consisting of dome-style tents with en-suite facilities that are set up in a remote location of the bush by our backup stay. Our Camp Chef will provide us with a delicious evening meal which is cooked over a campfire, and your guide will ensure there are plenty of cold drinks to wash down the dust after an enjoyable day out on safari.

Day 3

Fly Camping

After breakfast we embark on a 10-15 km bush walk that will take them in the direction of their next fly camp for the night. There is ample opportunity for up-close-and-personal encounters with a variety of Hwange’s wildlife species. The Robins / Sinamatella area of the Hwange has a diverse landscape which allows for explorations of woodlands, rocky outcrops, natural springs and seasonal sandy rivers. Walking safaris allow for guests to be fully immersed in their surroundings. They also slow down the pace of the safari and provide the opportunity for guests to examine spoor and different types of vegetation as their guide educates them about their role in the ecosystem. A light picnic lunch is set up under the shade of a tree around midday after which guests are given the opportunity to enjoy a light siesta before heading out again in the afternoon on a walk or drive. As the sun sets, we will stop to enjoy a sundowner at a waterhole before heading back to the fly camp for the night.

Day 4

Back to camp

The fInal day of the safari begins with a light snack in camp before we leave for the final morning walk with your guide. Today’s walk will finish at Hwange Bush Camp around lunch time where guests can enjoy a delicious and well-deserved lunch and afternoon siesta. The afternoon game activity is tailored to suit the guests, but is likely to include a short game drive to a water hole where we can enjoy chilled drinks whilst watching animals come down to quench their thirst. Afterwards we will return to Camp where guests can enjoy their evening meal and hearty discussions around the campfire about the unique bush experience.

Day 5


Guests opting to stay on at Hwange Bush Camp for additional nights will enjoy further exploratory game drives and walks from the camp as part of the game activities on offer. Alternatively they will be transferred out of camp and onto